From where do you relate?

  • From the wound or from the healing.

  • From lack or from responsibility.

  • From fear or from trust.

  • From need or from love.

  • From evasion or from self-knowledge.

  • From dependency or from self-love.


Learn to love healthily!



¿Desde dónde te relacionas? 

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¡Aprende a amar sanamente!

Everything in life is relationships. And every relationship is a space for encounter that allows us to know and meet ourselves better and grow.


The couple relationship is one of the richest and most complex bonds, since we tend to unconsciously reflect a large part of our relational history, our desires and our needs.


To build a healthy relationship, it must be done from self-love, from self-knowledge and responsibility of our life history and as a  conscious choice.


Sana tu relación externamente

Heal your relationship externally

  • Dysfunctional external dynamics

  • Communication problems

  • Organization and Daily Coexistence.

  • Conflict resolution.

  • Infidelity, Trauma and Grief

  • Minimize the influence of Migratory Grief and Adaptation Problems in your Relationship (Multicultural couples)

  • Intimacy and sexuality

  • Conflicts with parenting and vital changes.


Heal your relationship internally

  • Dysfunctional internal dynamics.

  • Restructuring of meanings and beliefs.

  • Heal relational trauma.

  • Heal dynamics and relational dysfunctional patterns of the past.

  • Self love.

  • Jealousy, distrust, fear of abandonment.

Sana tu relación internamente

  • Dinámicas internas disfuncionales.

  • Reestructuración de significados y creencias.

  • Sanar traumas relacionales​.

  • Sanar dinámicas y patrones relacionales. disfuncionales del pasado.

  • Amor propio.

  • Celos, desconfianza, miedo al abandono.


  • Systemic-relational psychotherapist, Specialist in Couples

  • Expert in Couple Therapy by the Spanish Association for the Promotion and Development of Psychotherapy, endorsed by the Official College of Psychologists of Madrid and by the Federation of Associations of Psychologists and Psychotherapists of Spain (FAPyMPE).

  • Currently in training - "Gottman Method"  CoupleTherapy by The Gottman Institute

  • Expert in Transpersonal Couple Therapy by the Spanish School of Transpersonal Development

  • Master in Family Intervention and Mediation

  • Training in Relational Trauma by the Mexican Association of Psychotraumatology.

  • Degree in Clinical Psychology by  UDLA, Campus CDMX



Multicultural Couples Specialist

Focus on Self Love as the basis of all successful and healthy relationships.

Emotional and relational health