About Irene

My name is Irene, I am the soul of a Mexican woman, migrant, traveler , psychologist and psychotherapist. Specialist in couples, relational problems and psychological processes derived from migration.


Passionate about my profession and my vital purpose: the creation of spaces of self-knowledge, which allow people, on one hand, to discover and consciously and affectively develop well-being, mental and emotional health strategies, thus managing to live a meaningful life; and on the other, healing spaces where people manage to heal their relational wounds and with it, they could build deep and satisfying relationships with themselves and with those around them.


I love photography, cinema, and art, I love running, riding my bike and doing weights, I am a very active person and I have a lot of energy.


I really like to write. Personally, it is a resource that has helped me to continue knowing myself and to maintain internal stability. Professionally, it allows me to share with people everything I have learned about life, human processes and experiences and about psychology. Writing is a way that I have found to transcend in some way.


I love to travel, I think that one knows a new version of himself in every km. journey and that each place that is discovered is an opportunity to meet and rebuild. Every corner has magic, experiences and teachings that expand us as human beings.


Finally, although I have briefly explained a little about myself, I understand the importance of knowing the training and experience of the specialist you choose. Next, I summarize a little my academic, professional profile and personal experience in the field of psychology and psychotherapy. I hope with this you can better know my way of working and my profile and professional approach.



Academic Summary


2020-Relational Trauma. Mexican Association of Psychotraumatology. (20 hrs).

2019- Expert Course in Couples Therapy. Spanish Association for the Promotion and Development of Psychotherapy. (100 hrs)

2018- Current. Gottman Method Couples Therapy Clinical Training.

Level 1 Completed, New York City. Gottman Institute.

Level 2 Completed, Amsterdam. Gottman Institute

2019- Training: "Psychotherapeutic intervention in psychological problems derived from Migration" (10 hours). ITAD and "Association Sin Fronteras". Madrid Spain

2014- Official Master in Family Intervention and Mediation. University of Seville, Spain.

2012-2014 Solution Focused-Brief Therapy Training. Recursos para la Vida

2011 - Specialty Courses in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2007 - Bachelor of  Arts in Psychology with Clinical Specialization. Universidad de las Américas, Mexico City Campus.

2007 - Double degree in "Bachelor in Arts of Psychology" . Mexico City College.

Mexican professional ID 7330802.

Professional Summary



2008-2010. Emotional Intelligence Workshops for children and adolescents (Psic. Patricia Morales).


2011. (6 months) Professional Practices in Clinical Specialty (480 hours):

1. Spanish Hospital in Mexico City - )Psychiatry area) applying evaluations to the internal and external patients of the hospital, as well as providing support in the weekly counselling sessions for the internal patients.

2. Fray Bernardino Hospital - weekly case reviews of inpatients

3. Child Psychiatric Juan N. Navarro - Department of Family Therapy serving as co-therapist in family sessions, as well as providing individual therapy for adolescents. In addition, I also collaborated in the Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Department applying tests and giving individual sessions for children.


2012-2013 Ellen Wes Foundation. Group sessions for women suffering from eating disorders.

2012 - 2013 CAPI (Attention Center of Psychological Care) . - private practice with teenagers and young adults.

2013-2014. Resources for Life - counseling and psychological support, solution-focused brief model therapy interventions and crisis intervention hotline.  Workshops and face-to-face psychological therapy (special cases).

2013-2014. Center for Health and Human Well-being "Discursos y Senderos" Individual psychotherapy for adolescents and adults.

2014-2016. Family Therapy at the San Pablo-Santa Justa Social Services Center in Seville. Reflective Group Practice And Structured Supervision, intervention with families, couples and individuals.

2015-2016. Family Therapy Research Team of the University of Seville. Scholarship, working and studying at a filio-parental violence project.

2016-Currently, MENTES EN EQUILIBRIO (Minds in Balance). Integrative and multicultural psychotherapist.

Specialized in:

1. emotional management and mood disorders (anxiety, depression etc), 2. migratory grief and adaptation processes, multicultural couples and families 3. relational intervention: family and couple therapy, 4. individual processes: self-esteem, personal development and self-realization, existential crises, trauma and grief, among others.


2016. Mujeres entre Mundos Association. Psychologist and trainer in an United Nations´ subsidized project, serving and guiding native and immigrant women who have suffered human trafficking and prostitution. Psychologist and trainer in a project subsidized by the Andalusian Government for the integration and care of africant immigrants in southern Spain.


2016- Currently, Mentes en Equilibrio . Face-to-face and online therapy for native and immigrant people (psychological therapy in Spanish and English). Experienced with multicultural couples and expats from more than 25 countries. Workshops on migratory mourning and multicultural couples in Spain and France.

Online Workshop for immigrants: Conscious Migration (only available in spanish)


2017-2018. Volunteer and associate psychotherapist: ONCOAYUDA , Mexican Association for Cancer Survivors- Oncoayuda A. C, providing low-cost therapies for people suffering from any type of cancer. And also in Psychologists Without Borders Andalusia , offering low-cost therapy.



Personal Therapeutic Process..



As a mental health professional, I believe that another crucial and basic part of our training as psychologists and psychotherapists is our own life experience and our own psychotherapeutic process.


The recognition and transformation of our own thoughts, emotions, relationships, situations and problems and the experience of taking a therapeutic process, are the best experience and training we can have to understand the life, thoughts, emotions, relationships, situations and problems of the people who come to us and request our help.


Thus achieving greater empathy and understanding to help them rebuild themselves and also provide them a flexible model that meets all their needs.

In life, I have an experience of 32 years, developing as a daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, friend, partner, student, employee, psychologist and patient. Dealing with the satisfactions, joys, obstacles and challenges that each of these roles entails.




My experience as a patient began in 2011, when I started my individual psychotherapeutic process with my therapist, process that I continue until now by skype, since I move to Spain. In 2013, I also went through a  3-month  couple psychotherapy  process and to a 2 month family psychotherapy process .  In 2015, I spent 6 months in individual psychotherapy with a specialist in Spain.


I hope that through this brief summary you have been able to know me a little more. And I wish I could have transmitted to you my commitment as a psychologist and  for the well-being of people.



If you have any questions or anything else that you want to know about me, you can contact me: