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What is psychology?


The etymological definition of psychology comes from the classical Greek ψυχή (psyche) which means soul and mind and from λογία (lodge) which means study; psychology is the study of the soul and the mind.


Based on this, psychology is understood as the science that studies the mental processes (perceptions, sensations, beliefs, behaviors, etc.) and the emotions of the human being in relation to himself/herself and the world in which he/she lives.


In particular, I define psychology not only as a science, but as the art that is built from the understanding of the human being and his world, in the concrete and in the abstract. Psychology is that science-art, that allows us to understand the human being from the most integrative and complete vision possible, not limiting ourselves to the visible and the feasible, concluding that the human being is so complex that it cannot be simplified neither in its study nor in their treatment.


What is psychotherapy?


Psychotherapy is a process that aims to  help to change thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are not favorable to a person and that affect their functioning in one or more areas of their life. Psychotherapy is a treatment where several  strategies and skills are used by the therapist and the patient to provide order to the chaos the person experiences in his/her live. It is a space that generates relief, since people are acquiring skills and capacities to face the tensions that had been affecting them emotionally and mentally. Psychotherapy is a treatment that seeks stability and personal balance since people learn more harmonious ways of interpreting situations, feeling a certain way about them and acting differently.


According to the American Psychological Association (APA), psychotherapy is the way in which psychologists help people solve problems and lead happier, healthier and more productive lives. All this through scientifically valid procedures for the creation of healthier and more effective Inter and intrapersonal habits.


The APA reports that psychotherapy is based on dialogue, through which the patient can speak openly with someone objective, neutral and impartial. And with that, patient and therapist will work together to identify and change the patterns of thought and behavior that keep him/her from feeling good. Similarly, another fundamental aspect of psychotherapy is that the person will not only have solved the problem that brought him/her to the consultation, but also, he or she will have learned new skills to face more effectively any challenge that may arise in the future.


In summary, psychotherapy is a space in favor of well-being, stability, self-improvement and the minimization of human suffering. Because although it is known that unpleasant emotions such as fear, sadness or anger are inherent in our human condition, disturbance and emotional suffering are not.



How effective is psychotherapy?

As exposed by the APA, hundreds of studies reveal that psychotherapy helps people make positive changes in their lives. These studies show that, for example, approximately 75 percent of people who start psychotherapy treatments receive some benefit from it. Other studies explain that the average person who participates in psychotherapy sessions feels more satisfied at the end of treatment than 80 percent of those who do not receive treatment.


Personally, as a psychologist and health professional, I understand the importance of having a space to get to know ourselves  better and polish those areas in which we seek to improve as people. Therefore I  also had my own psychotherapeutic process. 


In my experience, I can say that the results have been more than satisfactory, that there is a before and after the therapy and that in general I feel more satisfied and at peace with myself. Personally and professionally I invite people who have a problem or a goal to lean on the tools and strategies that psychology and psychotherapy have.

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