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The workshops, courses and talks allow the development of a specific topic, as well as the learning of new skills and practical tools. All this in a simple and fun way, in a certain number of sessions (normally 4 to 8 sessions or intensive sessions of one day or two days, in the case of talks it is normally in one day and with a maximum duration of 2 hours), through exercises, techniques and experiences to deepen this topic.


One of the advantages of workshops is that a greater number of people can work in a session and also that teamwork fosters more positive relationships in school and / or work environments. Also, by working with more people one can learn a greater number of skills or strategies and/or meet more people with common interests and / or who are in similar personal situations.

The workshops can be given at home, directly at institutions, companies or schools that require it. I create and adapte each course to the needs of those who request it.


I have experience with various types of workshops, courses and talks:

  •   Conscious Migration

  • Migratory grief and multicultural couples

  • Healthy Couple Relationships

  • Communication Strategies for Couples

  • Emotional Intelligence and Development of Social Skills for Children and Adolescents

  • Gender Violence

  • Prevention of Toxic Relationships for Teens

  • Prevention and Healthy Sexuality for Teens

  • Emotional Intelligence and Social Skills Development for Adults

  • School of Stress and Anxiety Management for Adults.

  • Parents School: Learn to educate your child.