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Transform and heal your relationship


In relationships, we can project unmet needs and desires, conflicts, and patterns from our past family and relationships. This can lead to frequent fights and discussions, coexistence and communication problems, emotional disconnection or affective dependence, sexual problems, infidelity, etc.


The model from which I work is the Gottman Method . The Gottman Method is a model of couple therapy that develops a comprehensive evaluation of the relationship, and based on the results of the same, offers specialized interventions, based on empirical research.


The techniques and interventions of this model help the couple to strengthen their relationship in three fundamental areas: friendship and affective connection, the management and resolution of conflicts and the sense of transcendence and shared existence.


The tools and skills you will learn with this model will help you and your partner to replace negative conflict patterns with more positive interactions, as well as repair past wounds. In addition, the techniques and tools of this model encourage and develop greater closeness and intimacy in the couple, favor the bonds of friendship and deepen the emotional connection, forming common goals and creating changes that strengthen the sense of transcendence in their lives.


  • Get out of the vicious and negative cycle and dynamic.

  • Revive and heal your relationship: intimacy, love and desire.

  • Build trust and safeness in your relationship.

  • Develop awareness, compassion and empathy, be a better partner.

  • Maintain your individuality, without losing the connection, closeness and union with your partner.

  • Heal wounds from the past: relational trauma, incidents, infidelity.

  • Connect emotionally and sexually with your partner.

  • Communicate assertively and learn tools for negotiating agreements and resolving conflicts.

  • Build deep common goals and live from your sense of life and meaning as a couple.

  • If this is the case, end your relationship harmoniously and making a healthy closure.


  • Expert in Couple Therapy by the  Spanish Association for the Promotion and Development of Psychotherapy, endorsed by the Official College of Psychologists of Madrid and by the Federation of Associations of Psychologists and Psychotherapists of Spain (FAPyMPE).

  • Currently in "Gottman Method Couples Therapy" Professional Training by the Gottman Institute.

  • Expert in "Transpersonal Couple Therapy" by the Spanish School of Transpersonal Development

Love without depersonalizing yourself.

You must remain yourself (a). "I am not yours, I am with you".

It is worth avoiding the concept of "fusion" and favoring coexistence between two people who love and respect each other for who they really are.

Walter Riso

Do you want to learn to love healthily?