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Family Therapy and Intervention


Family is the base of society. In it, individuals learn roles, values, beliefs, principles and in general, the family is an important basis for the personality of each of its members. Its functions include providing a sense of belonging, security, protection and care, as well as meeting the basic needs of each member.


Family therapy and systemic practice is especially indicated when the objective is to improve the capacity of family members to support each other and to solve difficulties and obstacles together. It helps to solve communication problems, emotional connection, interaction patterns, setting boundaries, family violence, etc. Family crises can be avoided or prevented from getting worse by going to therapy on time.

Enabling family members to more efficiently use their support resources to better manage the transition phases of family development or stressful life events, such as a serious illness or the death of one of its members. In general, any situation or problem that affects the relationships between family members, their functioning and their supportive role, can benefit from systemic family therapy. Similarly, any individual problem affecting family relationships and broader contexts would benefit from a systemic approach.

In summary, the main objective and benefit of family therapy is for the family to be adaptable to changes and internal and external situations that arise and thus avoid strong crises and the suffering of its members, returning to the family the necessary balance so that their relationships are full and pleasant, based on respect, affection and the appropriate closeness/separation.


  • Heal wounds from the past: relational trauma

  • Transform your relational patterns

  • Free yourself from invisible loyalties

  • Improve your communication and conflict resolution with your family.

  • Connect with love and compassion with your family.

  • Set clear and effective boundaries.

  • Restructure dysfunctional roles and dynamics.

  • Cope with a grief or a painful and/or traumatic event.



Transform your life and your family relationships