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Individual Therapy


Health is vital for the human being and mental and emotional health are part of it. We all need a space to open our thoughts, doubts, emotions, dreams, problems and difficulties. Also a support space for those areas that we want to improve or develop. Therefore, therapy is not for "crazy", nor only for people with problems, therapy is the perfect place for a person in their discovery, growth and self-transformation as a human being.


I work with an integrative model, which includes the best of the cognitive-behavioral model specifically the Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy approach (Albert Ellis), the systemic or relational model and the existential model. I also integrate the use of narrative techniques and logotherapy.


I can help you to have a better knowledge and understanding of yourself, as well as to learn to solve the conflicts in your life in an assertive and positive way. In this way, you will have better emotional management and you will be able to deal with day-to-day situations so that they are not an obstacle for your balance and psychological well-being.


So now you know, if you are curious to know more about yourself or develop a personal skill or would like to have support in solving any difficulty or conflict, do not hesitate to contact me. Minds in Balance, is a space that can provide you with the necessary tools to achieve your goals, well-being and the emotional and personal stability you seek.


  • Increase your self-esteem and your self-love.

  • Heal your past: relational trauma, family patterns, past wounds.

  • Transform your beliefs and thoughts.

  • Learn communication and expression skills.

  • Learn social skills

  • Transform your self-talk

  • Develop routines and behaviors attached to your goals and objectives.

  • Heal your fears and live a meaningful and profound life.


Transform your life and your relationship with yourself.