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Multicultural Psychotherapy


As we have already mentioned, psychological, mental and emotional well-being is a need that every human being must have covered for optimal functioning in all areas of his life. For people living abroad or in a multicultural context, certain difficulties and challenges are added, which require specific and specialized attention. For those who have emigrated the new life brings changes and therefore a diversity of emotions and reactions.


Multicultural psychological therapy or culturally responsive therapy is aimed at multicultural immigrants, families and couples. And it seeks to address the needs and problems of the migration processes, the experience of living abroad and/or the experience and vital situation of living and interacting with people from another country and another culture.


The integrative model that was used combines the best of the cognitive-behavioral model, the relational-systemic model and the existential model to deal with problems such as: adaptation processes, migratory grief, cultural differences, social challenges, the problems in the dynamics of couples from different cultures, creation and construction of multicultural families, etc. I also accompany my clients from my personal experience, having lived in 3 countries (Mexico, Argentina and Spain), experimenting and co-building a multicultural relationship since 6 years and after 8 years of experience working with people from 25 countries, living in across the world.


Sessions can be held in English or Spanish, online or in person.


For more information, do not hesitate to write me an email at . The service is aimed at adults over 18 years of age or minors whose parents provide formed authorization and are at home.


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  • Heal and process your immigration grief

  • Effectively integrate into your new culture

  • Rebuild your bicultural identity

  • Build a sense of life abroad

  • Improve your self-esteem after migrating

  • Manage to keep your relationships at a distance