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Online psychotherapy


Psychological, mental and emotional well-being is a need that every human being must have for optimal functioning in all areas of his life. However, the hustle and bustle of day to day sometimes prevents us from mobilizing ourselves or having enough time to assist with a specialist to help us maintain balance and solve our problems so that they do not become an extra burden. In this case, technological tools are currently of great help to achieve the objectives pursued by psychotherapy.


Psychological therapy by videoconference has several advantages, such as the ease of taking the session in the comfort of your home. Thus avoiding moving or having to get into city traffic, which requires extra time from your day.

In addition, being able to select the place in which you will take therapy increases the degree of intimacy, since you will be in a totally familiar environment for you. In this case, this safe environment will give you more confidence to express your emotions and thoughts and thus be able to take better advantage of your psychotherapeutic process.


On the other hand, if you also live with a physical condition that prevents or makes it difficult to move or transport yourself, this will not be a problem for you to take therapy.


Videoconference therapy is also a viable option for those who live in another city, are constantly traveling or moving to another country and want to attend a certain specialist, thus eliminating the possible cultural and language barriers that their new place of residence could have. With me, wherever you are you can take your therapy.


The therapy model, the strategies, the process and the objectives provided by the therapist are the same as in the traditional face-to-face model. Although the offer of individual therapy by videoconference is high, it is important to find professionals who are committed to the well-being of individuals, with solid bases of ethics, experience and training.


The eclectic model that is used combines the best of the cognitive-behavioral model, the relational-systemic model and the existential model to treat problems such as: mood disorders (anxiety, depression), emotional management in a more complete way. (anger management, stress management, assertiveness, emotional intelligence), grief, relational problems (couple and / or family), self-esteem, conflict resolution, etc. Being able, through various tools and currents, to adapt to the needs of each person.


The service is aimed at adults over 18 years old or adolescents older than 13 years whose parents provide a signed authorization.


Transform your life and your relationships wherever you are.